I favor pragmatic common-sense solutions to real problems with less government and more individual freedom. As shown by the following, the democrats are not competent to run a government.


            BAIL REFORM

Under the new bail reform act, the Democrats have been letting various non-violent criminals out of prison pending conviction, mostly drug dealers and thieves without bail. This in turn has fueled a crime wave because nothing changed regarding these criminals during their several days in prison. An example of this is the death of Connie Tuori. A 93 year old resident who alleged killer had numerous prior offenses and was let out without bail. The following allegedly occurred:

Victoria Afet, 23, of Syracuse has been charged with murdering Connie Tuori. The Syracuse Police Department announced the arrest of Afet — who has been in jail for weeks on unrelated charges — during a news conference Thursday.

Afet has been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary, both felonies. If she’s convicted of first-degree murder, she could face life in prison without parole.  Syracuse police officers found Tuori, a retired teacher and world traveler, dead in her 12th-floor apartment on St. Patrick’s Da

Under the new bail reform act, the Democrats have been letting various non violent criminals out of prison pending conviction, mostly drug dealers and thieves without bail. This in turn has fueled a crime wave. People that formerly would be held without bail are being set free in a revolving door system of injustice. For the same reasons they were criminals before the arrest they continue to be criminals after they leave prison, a few days after the arrest. The Connie Tuori incident is a classic example. The press states:

Afet has a history with law enforcement that includes being accused of robbing a 74-year-old woman at Skyline, stealing $38 and biting her hand on Feb. 18, police said in a felony complaint filed in Syracuse City Court. She was released by a judge the next day — only to be returned to jail just over a week later on a new charge.  Before her murder arrest, Afet had five ongoing felony cases, a short, failed stint on probation and a misdemeanor larceny conviction, public records show. She’d been jailed seven separate times in the past three years, according to records provided by Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jon Seeber.

Her prior ongoing allegations included, in separate cases from 2020: slamming a woman’s head against a tree, flashing a serrated knife while threatening someone’s life and injuring someone with a knife outside a store.

This is just one example of the continuous revolving door justice this short-sighted and foolish law has produced.



The current administration has cut the police budget during a crime wave. Except as to wasteful spending this is impractical, foolish and incompetent and cannot be sustained.

Another example besides Connie Tuori was done by former Mayor Lee Alexander who cut the vice squad budget. South Warren Street filled with prostitutes during his administration as a result.



The Fire Department has also been cut. Here is an example from my law practice. The following occurred:


A car hit a fire hydrant. This was reported to the fire department. The fire department failed to fix said fire hydrant for years. An extension cord started a fire in my client's house near the fire hydrant. The fire department arrived and the damaged hydrant failed to work. They had to use another hydrant down the block with a considerable loss of time while setting up. Meanwhile, the house fire became unmanageable and the house was lost. The fire endangered the adjoining houses. Stephanie Minor refused to pay the damages. 

Obviously, the fire department is not being adequately funded.



Improved government efficiency is needed. Greater efficiency means the same necessary services are delivered at efficient costs people can afford. The inefficient is reformed and necessary services are delivered at an affordable price.



Business growth is what pays the bills and you cannot have too much of it. But the city has to be competitive with other areas, The policies of the city have to be competitive with the other areas or there is no growth and no new jobs. A level playing field for business is needed. We cannot unreasonably burden businesses and expect them to compete with other businesses and/or locate here.

Woodruff Carroll    Candidate for President of Syracuse Common Council    campaign@woodyforthefuture.com

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