for the future

Woodruff Carroll 

Candidate for

Syracuse Common Council

I am a local attorney. I have practiced law in Syracuse for over 35 years. My practice consists of litigation, civil rights, torts (Plaintiff and defendant), real estate, estates and business matters. I do not do criminal work generally.

I was born in Syracuse, graduated from Cazenovia High School, attended Brigham Young, Washington & Lee and graduated from Syracuse University. My majors were Latin and ancient Greek.

Your support is essential to my campaign

I appreciate your input in helping all of us create a better future


I favor pragmatic common-sense solutions to real problems with less government and more individual freedom. 


Improved government efficiency is the best way. Greater efficiency means the same necessary services are delivered at efficient costs people can afford. The inefficient is reformed and necessary services are delivered at an affordable price..


Business growth is what pays the bills and you cannot have too much of it. But the city has to be competitive with other areas, The policies of the city have to be competitive with the other areas or there is no growth and no new jobs. A level playing field for business is needed. We cannot unreasonably burden businesses and expect them to compete with other businesses and/or locate here.

Woodruff Carroll   334 Nottingham Road  Syracuse, NY 13210    campaign@woodyforthefuture.com

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